RED EPIC-X DRAGON: Sensor Resolution: 6144 x 3160 Signal to Noise Ratio: 80db Dynamic Range: 16.5+ stops Lens Coverage: 30.7mm (h) x 15.8mm (v) x 34.5 mm (d) (5K on DRAGON is about the same size as it is now, 6K is slightly larger at a 1.173x crop) Formats: 6K (2:1, 2.4:1, Anamorphic) 5K (Full Frame, 2:1, 2.4:1 and Anamorphic 2:1) 4.5K (2.4:1) 4K (16:9, HD, 2:1 and Anamorphic 2:1) 3K (16:9, 2:1 and Anamorphic 2:1) 2K (16:9, 2:1 and Anamorphic 2:1) 1080p RGB (16:9) 720p RGB (16:9) Frame Rates (same as EPIC except for 6K): 1-100fps 6K 1-120fps 5K, 4.5K 1-150fps 4K 1-200fps 3K 1-300fps 2K Monitor Output: HD-SDI/HDMI Frame Guides and Look Around Monitor Output Formats: 2K RGB, 1080p RGB or 4:2:2, 720p RGB or 4:2:2

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